Bruxism Treatment

Bruxism Treatment

Also known as tooth grinding or clenching, Bruxism is a type of jaw joint disease caused by daily stress. This disease occurs in the form of pain in jaw muscles and sometimes in the form of functional problems. Commonly known as repeated teeth grinding during sleep, Bruxism must be treated.

What are the damages caused by Bruxism?

Teeth grinding is particularly harmful to teeth and joints. Damages caused by Bruxism in the most common sense:

  • Social and individual health
  • Cracking or flattening of teeth
  • The feeling of pain in the chin muscles in the morning
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Irritation on cheeks
  • Feeling of recession in gums
  • Difficulty during chewing
  • Feeling of pain in the neck and shoulder
  • Temporary feeling of pain in the ear or facial muscles

What is articular plate?

One of the most effective treatment methods for Bruxism, or tooth clenching/grinding disease in other words, is the articular plate. Articular plate prevents the lower and upper teeth of the patient from grinding and clenching during sleep. In addition to articular plate, the use of methods such as stress relaxation together results in much more effective results. For this reason, it is recommended to take advantage of psychologist or psychiatric services in addition to articular plate treatment.


If the patient accepts articular plate treatment after the examination, an articular plate specific to the patient is produced using digital dentistry and CAM/CAD technology.  For the articular plate treatment, which is also known as night plate, the patient's oral and dental photographs are taken first. Then, these photos are digitally transmitted to model personalized articular plates that are most suitable for the patient's oral and maxillofacial structure. The model is produced in a laboratory environment and delivered to the patient. In order to be effective, the patient should wear the articular without delay and regularly every night.

Thanks to CAM/CAD technology, a digital dentistry facility at our clinic, many patients continue their lives with healthier teeth.


Care must be taken for both oral and dental care and cleanliness of articular plate in order the articular plate to be effective. It is extremely easy to maintain the articular plate. It is possible to clean the night plate with different substances such as alcohol, soap or toothpaste. All three cleaning methods are important to ensure smooth and circular motion without damaging the articular plate.

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