Dental Health During Pregnancy

Dental Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive periods in the lives of many women. This is why many changes occur in the body, oral and dental health of the expectant mothers. In this context, we tried to provide you with detailed information about oral and dental health during pregnancy. We hope you will enjoy reading it. Let’s get started!

Why is it important to protect oral and dental health during pregnancy?

The eating habits of the mother change during pregnancy. In addition to this new diet, changes in hormones and secretions in the body may threaten the dental health of the expectant mother. The oral and dental tissues of the pregnant person get more sensitive and vulnerable during this process. For these reasons, mothers must take care of their oral and dental care both during and before pregnancy.

How is the oral and dental health protected during pregnancy?

Of course, having healthy teeth during pregnancy is very important for both the mother and the baby’s health. Here are tips for maintaining oral and dental health during pregnancy:

  • Stay away from hard toothbrushes. Of course, the stiffness of the toothbrush may change depending on the dental structure of everyone. However, the use of softer brushes, especially during pregnancy, may be useful to prevent potential pain and bleeding and to have a comfortable pregnancy.
  • Take extra care to your oral and dental hygiene. You may be skipping tooth brushing during normal times due to laziness and fatigue. However, during pregnancy, you should avoid doing this and maintain your oral hygiene. For this reason, remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Be careful with your diet. It is very important for oral health to take care of nutrition during pregnancy. For example, you can reduce desserts. The sugar in sweet foods will cause the formation of decaying bacteria in your mouth. Even if you eat dessert every now and then, always keep your teeth clean.
  • Be aware of which foods your teeth are sensitive to. To measure this, you can take notes when your teeth are sensitive to food.

How is oral and dental health affected by pregnancy?

As we mentioned before, many changes in the pregnancy process may affect the oral and dental health of the expectant mother. Hormonal changes are the most widely known. These hormonal changes can change the way the expectant mother resists the decaying bacteria. Thus, tooth pain and inflammation may occur.
In addition to hormonal changes, nausea, vomiting and other stomach disorders caused by the pregnancy process cause the secretion of acid in the mouth. This increased amount of acid in the mouth can also damage tooth and gums.
Another condition that develops in the body during pregnancy is the increase in blood circulation. This may cause sensitivity in teeth, and swelling and pain of gums.


If a planned pregnancy is in question, it is very important to optimize oral and dental health before pregnancy for comfortable times during pregnancy. Therefore, daily oral care routines should be used for oral and dental hygiene and examined by a dentist. If there are any treatments required during the examination, these treatments should be performed before pregnancy if possible. This allows the patient to relax psychologically during pregnancy and also make teeth tissues stronger during pregnancy.

Contrary to popular belief, it's okay to have dental treatment when pregnant. In addition to filling, dental cleaning and tooth extraction, you can also get root canal treatment during pregnancy. In fact, it is much safer to have dental treatment during the 13th and 27th weeks of pregnancy.

You should not have an X-ray taken during pregnancy term tooth treatments so that no damage is caused to the baby.

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