Dental Implant Treatments

Dental Implant Treatments

Dental Implant is a subject that many people have heard of but can’t quite predict. Needed by the people with tooth gaps in their mouth, but they don’t care much about it, the implant treatment is a tooth treatment that actually increases the quality of life. Let's answer all the questions people are curious about the implant treatments.

Dental Implant Treatments

  Dental implant is the procedure of replacing the missing tooth with titanium-material screws for the patients who have a lack of tooth for any reason to protect the jaw bone. The task of these titanium screws is to act like a tooth root, thereby restoring the natural balance of the dental structure and to support the existing teeth.

What is periimplantitis?

Periimplantitis is a type of inflammation that can cause bone loss after implant treatment. This infection can sometimes occur due to damage to the tissues around the implant, prostheses around the implant or surgical interventions. Possible to treat if recognized in the early period, periimplantitis may arise from genetic causes or bad oral and dental care. Periimplantitis can be treated by traditional methods or laser. The goal of both methods is to bring back the bone tissue lost by destroying the infection around the implant and reinforce the implant.

What are the benefits of implant treatment?

The benefits of dental Implant treatment are innumerable, but let's count a few.

  • Supports the existing dental structure.
  • Creates a natural image.
  • Strengthens the chewing mechanism.
  • Provides an aesthetic smile.
  • Improves quality of life.
  • Provides an aesthetic smile.
  • Maintains the bone tissue of the mouth and teeth.


The most important criterion for getting an implant treatment is the completion of bone development. In addition to this, some patients may have a genetically fine bone structure.

In addition to bone development, the mandible of the person who wants implant should be suitable for implant construction. The dentist to apply the implant treatment can solve such cases by taking the situation into account and prepare a treatment scheme accordingly.


Apart from these problems, people with chronic diseases must consult their physician and report their discomfort to the dentist. Such patients can get implants when approved.

We mentioned that bone development must be completed in order to get an implant treatment. Therefore, it is not possible for children to have implant directly. The patient who wants to get implant is expected to be 16-17 years old for women and 18 years old for men. There is such a low age limit for implant treatment, but we must also say that there is no upper age limit.

Extra care must be taken for oral and dental cleaning after the implant treatment. Thus, brushing teeth regularly, asking the dentist to use mouth water are factors that extend the life of the implant and improve dental health. In addition to these types of routine treatments, it would be useful to cool the area at certain intervals to reduce swelling after implant. Of course, you should regularly take the medications you are asked to use by your dentist and come to your dentist for follow-up at least every six months after the implant.

Today's technology allows implant treatment even in case of bone deficiencies. If there is not enough or any bones in the area where the patient is required to get the implant, the required bone infrastructure can be provided by pouring bone powder into the required areas. Thus, implant treatment can be initiated by creating a bone structure of sufficient thickness, height and density.

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