Most people hear about orthodontics, but don't know what it means. In this context, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about orthodontics, one of the most important areas for dentistry. We hope we are able to be useful.

What is orthodontics?

The dental department where irregularities and misalignment in the order and location of teeth are diagnosed, controlled and treated is orthodontics.


Why is orthodontic treatment necessary?

Thanks to orthodontic treatments, the quality of life of many people is improving. However, for those who ask in which cases an orthodontic treatment should be performed, orthodontic treatment is required in the following cases:

  • If there is misshapen teeth
  • If there are impacted teeth in the mouth, such as wisdom teeth
  • If teeth are seldom or missing
  • If there is excess teeth
  • If there is an irregular, distorted appearance in the teeth during smiling
  • If one or both of the upper and lower jaws are located in the front or back of the position they should be in

What are the methods of orthodontic treatment?

Types of orthodontic treatments are commonly divided into two as orthodontic treatment methods with or without dental brace.

Orthodontic treatment with dental brace

・ Metal Braces ・ Ceramic Braces ・ Lingual Braces (Invisible Dental Brace)

Orthodontic treatment without dental brace

Transparent plaques, an innovative technology, is used for this.

What is invisible dental brace?


Unlike commonly seen braces, lingual braces (invisible dental braces) are not placed in front of the teeth but on the back, i.e., palate and tongue section. They are particularly useful for patients with aesthetic concerns.

Görünmeyen Diş Telleri Nasıl Uygulanır?

Görünmeyen diş telleri kişiye özel olarak uygulanırlar. Bunun için önemli olan kişinin ağız yapısına uygun tasarımın yapılabilmesidir. Bu tasarım için ilk muayene sonrasında hastanın ağız ve diş ölçüleri alınır. Alınan bu ölçüler ilgili laboratuvara gönderilir ve burada görünmeyen diş teli kişiye özel olarak üretilir. Üretilen görünmez diş teli hastanın ağzına yerleştirilir. Görünmeyen diş telleri tedavisi hastaya bağlı olarak 1,5-3 yıl kadar sürebilmektedir.

What is a transparent dental brace?

Transparent dental braces, developed as an alternative to dental brace, are an extremely advantageous orthodontic treatment method used in the treatment of misshapen teeth in patients.

What are the advantages of using transparent dental braces?

There are many advantages to using transparent dental braces compared to other orthodontic treatments:

  • Its existence is unnoticed so that patients do not worry aesthetically.
  • The fact that it is invisible makes it impossible for pediatric patients to be mocked by braces.
  • They don't cause trouble while talking, they don't cause lisp.
  • The use of transparent dental brace never causes any pain or ache.
  • They do not have to be used continuously like dental braces, they only need to be used for 22 hours a day.
  • It can be easily removed during eating or teeth cleaning.
  • Treatment process may be shorter than other orthodontic treatments.
  • Transparent dental brace treatment process involves the use of CAM/CAD technologies to ensure a very comfortable and robust treatment process.

Using 3D Simulation Videos in Transparent Dental Brace Treatment

In our clinic, 3D simulation videos are used as a result of digital dentistry for transparent dental brace treatments. The phases of using 3D Simulation Videos for Transparent Dental Brace Treatment:

  • These photos are digitalized thanks to computer technology.
  • Also called CAM/CAD treatment, this method is photographed by a digital dentist from every angle of the patient's oral and dental structure.
  • The most appropriate treatment plan is prepared for the patient with the photos examined digitally.
  • Then these photos are animated to create a simulation.
  • In the simulation created, the patient is shown which location the teeth will move after the treatment. This way, patients can be treated in a safer and stress-free way.

Thanks to the digital dentistry provided in our clinic, our patients can get transparent plaque treatment with peace of mind and achieve smoother and healthier smiles.

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