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Pedodontics and Pediatric Dentistry

Although most people disregard children’s oral and dental health by saying that they will lose milk teeth anyway, dental health is as important as it is in adulthood. In this context, we will generally talk about the issues that parents should have in mind, such as oral and dental health care practices in children. We wish you a pleasant reading.

What is Pedondontics?


Pedondontics is a branch of science that deals with oral and dental health of children aged 0-13, from birth to the adolescence. Protecting the oral and dental health of infants and children during this period will ensure that they have healthier teeth in the future and will also help prevent potential dental problems and provide the necessary treatment.

Who is a pedodontist?

Pediatric dentists who are interested in pedodontics and help protect the health of children between the ages of 0-13 until their milk teeth start falling out and adult teeth come out are called pedodontists.

What are the methods for protecting oral and dental health in children?

There are many treatment methods that are shaped according to the patient's needs to protect the oral and dental health of children, as in adults. Here are the methods that protect oral and dental health in children:

  • Fissure sealant applications
  • Fluoride applications
  • Recommendations to ensure the oral care routine
  • Correcting nutritional habits
  • Filling treatment
  • Amputation treatment
  • Root channel treatment
  • Space maintainer applications
  • Tooth extraction applications
  • Child prosthesis treatment


Oral and dental health, which is neglected in infants in particular, can be achieved even by taking a few very simple measures. Hygiene is essential in the infant’s oral and dental health. Therefore, cleaning should be started when the first tooth starts to appear without waiting for all teeth to come out. A soft toothbrush or gauze can be used for infant tooth cleaning by keeping it in warm water. After the infant takes formula from the feeding bottle or suckles the breast milk, infant’s teeth cleaning should be performed especially in the feeding before sleep.

Fissure is the grooves on dental surfaces that are often difficult to clean and that collect food residue or bacteria. One of the most important methods for protecting the oral and dental health of children, fissure sealant application aim to prevent the decay-producing bacteria from penetrating the teeth deeper.

In children, grooves on the tooth surfaces are covered with a protective gel for the fissure sealant application. This way, the grooves we call fissure are transformed into a flatter structure and reduces the accumulation of food waste in these areas. This method also facilitates tooth brushing, namely tooth cleaning in children.

Fluoride is a mineral used in the reinforcement of tooth enamel, whether it be a child or an adult. Furthermore, the use of toothpaste or gargle solutions with fluoride content have been encouraged for many years. In children, especially newly-introduced teeth tend to decay much faster as they are still weak. This is where fluoride can be applied to protect children's oral and dental health.

There is nothing scary about fluoride application for children. Fluoride in gel form and even with special flavors for children are applied to the teeth and kept in the mouth for about four minutes. Afterwards, children need to spit out excess fluoride, and the patient must be at least 4 years old to be able to do this salivation.

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