Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain or Composite Inlay/Onlay Restorations

Porcelain or composite inlay/onlay is a filling with superior aesthetics and durability, prepared in laboratory.

For teeth that require large filling, inlay/onlay applications are preferred because they are both aesthetic and durable rather than composite or amalgam filling.
Less material loss is required in the teeth during the construction stage. Porcelain or composite inlay fillings prepared in the laboratory after cleaning the decay and measuring the teeth are then applied to the teeth with adhesive systems.
Onlay/Inlay (porcelain or composite filling prepared in the laboratory) is particularly applied to the teeth with root canal treatment. Thus, teeth or filling can last long without breaking.

Today, patients want their teeth to be aesthetic as much as being functional.
This request is not limited to the front teeth but also the teeth in the rear area. Furthermore, disadvantages such as the amalgam commonly used in the rear area is not aesthetic, is corroded and containing mercury have further increased interest in the aesthetic materials.
Composite or porcelain inlay/onlay restorations prepared in the laboratory with meticulous work are found to have positive features such as excellent edge harmony, minimal postoperative sensitivity and ideal aesthetics.
Many of these advantages are caused by polymerization contraction occurring outside the mouth.

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