Preprotetic Surgery

Correction of Jaw Bones and Soft Textures for Prosthesis

These are the surgical procedures performed to improve soft and hard tissues before prosthesis. These include;

  • Correction of indentations and protrusions on the jaw bone (These cause constant hit wounds during use of moving prostheses)
  • Elimination of torus (developmental bone growth, lobular bone protrusions)
  • Frenectomy (removal of tongue and lip ties)
  • Removal of formations (prosthesis edge product, irritation fibroma) due to prosthesis edges irritating the mucosa
  • It involves the removal of movable tissues (regulation of mobile crests) on the jaw bone along with bone resorption, resulting in unbalanced transmission of chewing pressures to the bone in patients who use the same prosthesis for many years at an early age.
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