Smile Design

Smile Design

According to the researches, smiling has great implications for improving human relationships, achieving success and being happy. However, many people are afraid to smile because of their oral and dental problems, which can negatively affect their daily and professional lives. However, with a beautiful smile design, it is very easy to get rid of these types of reservations and smile without fear. We have prepared a full content for those who say “So, what is smile design?". Let's start!

What is smile design?

The smile design is to intervene with the current oral and dental structure to achieve a stronger, healthier and more beautiful smile, and to give a new form of smiling to the person. In addition to this, smile design is a procedure that should be performed by the aesthetic dentistry following detailed analyzes where the present facial expressions and needs of the patients are evaluated.

We answered the question of what a smile design is, but we still see a few questions in your minds. Let's clarify the answers to these questions together.



The process of smile design is unique to the person. In other words, the treatment stages of each patient are characterized by the patient's age, needs, dental health, gender, etc. factors. In any case, the patient’s oral and dental structure is measured first.

Detailed measurements are used to model the patient's oral and dental structure. Specific computer programs for aesthetic dentists are used for modeling the photographs of the patient's teeth, gums, lips and face. Models show the patient what it will look like at the end of the process. If the patient approves, a list of needs is created and the treatment is initiated.

Photography and modeling information is evaluated and a program is prepared to determine how the patient will undergo a treatment process. The following information is available in this program: - information on which treatments the patient will receive - how long the treatment will take - which teeth will be included in the treatment - whether surgical procedures will be performed.

If the patient approves the digital smile design, the treatment process begins. As we mentioned before, smile design is a personal process. Therefore, each patient is treated differently. If the patient has dental problems such as decay, lesion, etc., first the patient’s oral health is recovered through procedures including root canals, fillings, implants, etc. The smile design procedure is not continued immediately after these procedures. The patient's wounds are waited to heal.

Tooth bleaching is one of the most widely known transactions in the field of smile design. After the surgical treatment wounds are healed, if the patient requests and if necessary, teeth bleaching may be performed.

After the mouth and teeth are ready for treatment, the gum structure is first examined. If there is a disproportionation in the gum levels of the patient, this is treated first. Then, according to the model and program, the shape and image disorders of the patient's teeth begin to be corrected. These corrections cover stages including filling with materials such as composite and porcelain, etc. with the materials prepared according to need, and cutting teeth.


One of the most frequently asked questions about the smile design is whether it is permanent. The life-time of the smile design depends on both the patient and the treatment of the aesthetic dentist.

In order to reduce the life-time of the smile design, the dentist must first perform analyzes and modeling in a very careful and detailed manner. For this reason, those who will receive smile design treatment must apply to a skilled and professional aesthetic dentist.


In addition to this, the patient should pay great attention to nutritional habits and oral care after treatment. They should also come to routine checks every year and monitor oral health and have their treatment if necessary. This way, the life of the smile design can be extended.

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