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Dentince Technology

Treatment Units

Stern Weber - Dentsply Sirona

Our patients comfort is important to us!

Our treatment units have been revised with the latest technology, prioritizing patient and physician comfort, and provide unparalleled hygiene and ergonomics with a smooth workflow.

Imaging Technology

Tomography – Panoramic X-Ray

The first step to a successful treatment is a quality imaging!

In addition to intraoral examination, Morita 3D digital volumetric tomography and multilayer panoramic x-ray are the most important support of the physician. Cross-sections of the entire jaw or a selected region in basic anatomical planes offer advanced diagnosis in dental radiology.

Imaging Technology

Periapical X-Ray / RVG

Let's create great convenience with a little technology!

Periapical X-ray device, another important device of our clinic, is used especially for the diagnosis of hidden problems in the area at the tip of the tooth root. Suspicious tooth roots can be examined in detail, thus minimizing the margin of error in the treatment processes.

It is a fast and safe solution to instantly view the teeth and surrounding bone tissue during the procedures applied to our patients. X-ray operation is carried out by the control panel or remote control.

Imaging Technology

3Shape System

Let's design your beautiful and new smile with a unique experience!

With high-technology it is no longer difficult to decide on color, shape and size by transferring the inside of the mouth to digital media. Easy scanning with maximum hygiene and comfort is remarkable part of digital dentistry.

  • 3D intraoral camera — get more out of one scan
  • 20% less waiting time for scan to process
  • Detailed visualization
  • Improved viewing angles—engineered for more treatment plan acceptance
  • Future ready unit for simplified upgrade path—to support you and your ever-expanding quality of care


Imaging Technology

Soft Tissue Laser / Biolase

Who can say no to a painless, bleeding-free and seamless dental aesthetics!

Soft tissue lasers, which are a method used to have symmetrical, level and aligned gingiva, are a highly preferred method today.

Our Hygiene Systems

Sterilization Systems

They are devices equipped with the latest technology, in which the internal and external cleaning, sterilization and lubrication processes of the tools heads in the dental units are carried out professionally. 

Our Hygiene Systems

Autoclave Device

This high-performance sterilization device ensures that every tool used in treatments is carefully sterilized. This device we have used is a small-scale sterilization factory with an intelligent operating system thanks to its effective steam generators.



The first impression counts: a confident and winning smile with brilliant bright teeth with the fläsh system.

The professional system for whiter teeth. 

Fläsh is the latest German made development of whitesmile, based on over 25 years of experience in tooth whitening.

Fläsh offers all types of professional tooth whitening options. 

Fläsh products are only available at specialized dentists.

Endodontic Rotary Systems

VDW Rotary

We use VDW endodontic rotary systems which allows for more accurate cleaning and shaping of your root canal, thus allowing it to be filled easier and with more predictable results.

Dental Scanning Technologies

CEREC Primescan

The perfect choice for outstanding results. CEREC Primescan enables efficient digital workflows from scanning to milling, in-house or with your preferred laboratory. Thanks to the best-in-class grinding unit and the highly automated, intuitive software to be used with CEREC Primescan, there has never been a better time to future-proof your clinic with CEREC.