What is implant?

Implant is an artificial tooth root placed on the jaw bone to restore the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth.

When are the implants applied?

Implant treatment can be applied for any condition, whether there is a sufficient amount of bone to implant in a single tooth or multiple teeth shortage.

Can implants be applied to every patient?

Implant screws are materials with a certain thickness and length. Therefore, in the area where implant is considered, the jaw bone must have the height and width to accept this implant screw. The quality of the present bone is one of the factors affecting the success of the implant. In addition to this, the gums must be completely healthy before treatment and as long as the implant remains in the mouth. There is no upper age limit when there is no systemic condition as long as the patient's general health condition is good. However, it is useful to complete adolescence in people who have not completed bone development.

In which cases is the implant inconvenient?

  • Certain heart disorders, blood pressure disorders
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Some rheumatic diseases
  • Diabetes; in cases where diabetes is not under control
  • Inappropriate bone structure in the jaw, inadequate bone density
  • Excessive fear and anxiety in the patient
  • In cases where the patient cannot provide adequate oral hygiene


If appropriate anesthesia methods are applied, the patient will not feel pain. Local anesthesia is usually provided during operation. In the evening when the implant is placed, simple pain and mild swelling may occur and these complaints may be resolved with pain killers and edema drugs. Many patients state that this pain is not different from that of pain after normal tooth extraction. In cases where the treatment is completed without any problems, the implants are too comfortable that the person does not feel their presence. Antibiotics can be used regularly when there is a risk of infection.
No. If the number of missing teeth is more than one, a single implant may serve two or more locations depending on the area to be applied.
Completion of prosthesis involves a process of approximately three months. In order to ensure the complete integration of implants with bone (Osteointegration), the loads on the implant must be minimized during the first 2-3 months of healing. However, during the recovery period, your function will be returned by using a suitable temporary prosthesis.
Implants were found remain in the mouth without any problem for 30 years or more. Implant life depends on many factors.  Patient's health and care for implants are the most important of these. Implants can be used for a lifetime if the required maintenance is performed.

We generally recommend taking a rest on the day of surgery and for a few days following surgery. However, in most cases, a day or weekend may be sufficient for all the procedures.

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