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Other Treatments

Inlay Onlay

Dental inlay is a more durable alternative to a typical filling. Plus, an inlay can be used to fix a tooth that has too much damage to support a filling.

Sometimes inlays are known as “indirect fillings,” because we take digital impressions and produce ınlay& onlay with CAD-CAM technology . 

Our  inlays are made of durable materials than amalgam or composite resin fillings when there is a large amount of decay.Inlays are less expensive than crowns, and we don’t have to remove as much of the healthy remaining tooth to place an inlay.

To prepare the tooth, we remove all the decay. Then we take photos and measurements that we send to our CAD-CAM  system. We use the system’s 3D imaging software to design your inlay/onlay right on screen. We then send the data to the milling station, which takes a single block of dental porcelain and mills your inlay/onlay.

When it is complete, we check the fit and color match with the rest of your tooth, make sure the tooth is clean, and permanently cement it into your tooth.

Time Duration:2 visits ,3-4 days