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Aesthetic Dentistry

Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

A smile design is a dental procedure which artistically creates straighter, whiter and beautiful natural looking smiles. Everyone's idea of beautiful is different, so designing the result before treatment will help you and your dentist for the final result.Cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Deniz INCE at Dentince Dental Clinic  in Istanbul now offers Digital Smile Design (DSD) to help patients' visualize and design their smile makeover based on their concerns, goals, and budget. Using DSD, Dr.Deniz INCE and her patients can design a smile makeover based on the patient's whole face (eyes, cheeks, nose) to fit the patient when they smile, laugh, talk, and more. Dr Deniz and the patient can go through simulated results of different options and combinations of treatments until their perfect smile is designed. 

A cosmetic procedure like porcelain veneers,zirconium crowns

A corrective procedure like Invisalign® orthodontics, 

or  A restorative procedure like dental implants, digital smile design can help you try on your new look before you make your final decision.

The DSD allows patients to see not only their potential results, but to understand the steps in their treatment.

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What are the steps of Digital Smile Design?

Firstly a digital impression of the teeth should be taken using a 3D intraoral scanner and the patient should be photographed from different angles in a private studio. The patient's teeth structure and facial proportions are analyzed in depth with digital software. In these softwares, the patient's tooth structure, gums, lips and face can catch the most accurate harmony. Thus, a natural and aesthetic smile can be created for the patient. After that, the smile design is shown to the patient. If the patient approves the new smile after the digital smile design program,we apply the sample teeth design into the mouth.By this way patient can see the final result in the mouth.We call this as’’ mock up’’.After this treatment is started immediately. Revisions are applied if necessary and the patient is given the most appropriate smile. Gülüş tasarımı hastanın dişleri, ağzı ve yüzününü estetik olarak birbirine uyumunu sağlamak amacıyla yaptığımız bir çalışmadır. Kolay anlaşılabilmesi açısından 3 aşamaya ayıralım.

Test Drive Your Smile

You get a prediction of the emotional impact it will have on the rest of your life, by seeing and feeling your new smile.

Our unique and state-of-art protocol gives patients the chance to test drive their smile before commiting to treatment. 

Before our team starts with the treatment process, a precise mock-up of your new smile is created with 3D printing technology.

Your smile makeover is digitally analysed, discussed and designed by us in collaboration with a team of digital smile design experts to create a treatment plan best suited to you.

Mapping out your smile makeover 

  • Dentince Dental Clinic  specialist dentists design your treatment and quality check every step
  • You can see a digital treatment simulation to understand every option and final result 
  • You can make a fully informed decision about your smile makeover treatment 
  • Your dentist can follow through on this plan approved by you
  • You receive the highest standards of treatment at Dentince Dental Clinic 

What is 3D Intraoral Scanner?

With intraoral 3D scanners, patients can be easily measured, impressions taken are controlled directly on the computer, the digital measurement taken with the help of a single button without waiting for service is sent to the laboratory over the internet, production speed and quality are standardized. At Dentince Dental Clinic we use 3 shape intraoral scanner which is the latest technology.


What is CAD-CAM technology used in digital dentistry?

CAM-CAD technology is the most common way of designing and producing both oral and dental health through a computer. 

In general, treatments that we make with CAM-CAD technology at Dentince Dental Clinic are as follows:

  • Digital Smile Design
  • Implant Treatments
  • Orthodontic Treatments
  • Dental Bridges
  • Inlay-onlays
  • Venners and crowns
  • Implant prothesis 

 CAD-CAM technology provides the sensitivity of modeling and minimizing the modelling errors.

Traditional methods cause some patients to develop problems such as nausea and inability to open their mouth sufficiently. However, with CAM-CAD technology, it is not possible for patients to experience these types of disorders.

Advanced CAD-CAM is much faster, which shortens the treatment process. For example, treatment of smile design patients can be completed in two or three sessions. Of course, we should tell that this process differs from one patient to another.

How Can I Start The Process?

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