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Aesthetic Dentistry

Full Ceramic Crown

What Is Full Ceramic Crown?

Today’s all-ceramic crowns are fabricated from the most advanced generations of  durable and natural-looking materials. With strength comparable to traditional metal and porcelain fused to metal crowns, all-ceramic crowns provide a highly satisfying and long-lasting results.

Thanks to advances in dental materials, they are stronger and more reliable than ever before.

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What Are The Benefits Of E-Max Crown?

Here are just some of the reasons we recommend an all-ceramic crown:

  • All-Ceramic crowns are  light transmittent in much the same way as natural teeth and more closely mimic their translucency .
  • All-Ceramic crowns can be made thinner and require less reduction and preparation of the underlying tooth
  • All-Ceramic crowns are lighter in weight than metal fused dental crowns 
  • All-Ceramic crowns are also kinder to the surrounding soft tissues
  • All-Ceramic crowns are resistant to stain and discoloration
  • All-Ceramic crowns are  safer for people  with allergies or sensitivities to metal
  • All-Ceramic crowns resemble a natural tooth and do not have a metal margin, which is often visible at the gumline

What Are The Materials We Use For Full Ceramic Crown And Bridges?

In our clinic we prefer to use E- Max material 

IPS E max  is the highly esthetic material provides  natural esthetic results.

E.max dental crowns are made of a glass-ceramic material that’s incredibly durable.

How Long Does It Take?


Treatment time duration allow for 3-6 Days in Turkey.

First visit 

Initial Consultation

First, you will meet with Dentince  team to address your concerns and make  the best dental treatment plan. You will have the opportunity to explain your desires, discuss treatment and decide if porcelain veneers are right for you.Smile design will be done in this step.

During the first visit,we check all the teeth with panoromic x ray and do the necessary treatments such as filling,canal treatments.Then we shape the teeth which we planned.  A digital impression will be  captured using a 3D digital scanner to fabricate the best crowns or bridges  for your teeth.

At the end of the first visit, you will be able to eat, drink and go about your life with your temporary crowns.

Second Visit

Aproximately  after 2-3 days  crowns&bridges  will be ready .You will come to clinic to try them.If everything is okay  crowns&bridges  will be adhered to the tooth surface using  dental cement.

You will feel fine shortly after the procedure. You will receive a beautiful smile which suits you and you can eat whatever you want.

How Long Does It Last?

Generally, you will take care of your crowns&bridges   just as you care for your natural teeth but with a few minor adjustments. Although zirconium resist stains, you should clean them to  keep them bright and beautiful. With gentle treatment and dental hygiene routine veneers can last for decades.

To take care of your crowns&bridges , follow these recommendations:

  • Brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice a day
  • Gently floss regularly
  • Use Waterpik to clean areas string floss cannot reach
  • Wear a nite guard during sleep if you have bruksizm
  • Do not bite hard things with your veneers

A bright smile projects confidence enhances positivity. With a dazzling smile, new doors will open, and possibilities will seem endless. You will want to smile all the time with porcelain veneers. As Dentince Dental Clinic in Istanbul, we are proud of our legacy of providing quality, compassionate and affordable prices. As a multi-specialty dental practice, we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to treat a multitude of oral health issues. Dentince team can transform your smile with porcelain veneers and make you sparkle from the inside out.

How Can I Start The Process?

If you are ready to start the journey towards a life-changing smile, contact us to schedule a free consultation today!