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Bad Breath

What are the causes?

– Bacteria and sulfurous bacteria residues in the mouth are the main sources of bad breath.

- If the tooth and gum surface is not cleaned, food residues cause severe bad breath.

- Bad breath may be formed due to cavities in the teeth and food residue accumulated in retention areas in the lost tooth tissue.

- The mouth cannot be washed with saliva due to dryness caused by various reasons and bad breath may occur.

- Breath odor occurs in patients with severe gum disease and who are unable to provide the necessary hygiene due to osteoporosis.

- Incompatible maltreated prostheses in the mouth can cause food accumulation and create bad breath.

- Bad breath may occur as a result of systemic diseases such as diabetes.

- In children, the smell particularly occurring in the morning may be due to intestinal parasites.

- In our society, the bad breath associated with the use of tobacco products such as cigarettes and pipes is often observed.

- In gastrointestinal diseases, which are referred to as reflux where the gastric juice advances through the mouth, the bad breath is observed.

- Diseases occurring in areas neighboring the oral cavity such as lungs and sinuses cause bad breath.

- Bad breath may be observed in liver and kidney failure.

What can we do to eliminate the bad breath?

1) First of all, a dentist should determine whether the bad breath is caused by teeth.

2) Decayed teeth inside the mouth, bleeding gums, and prostheses that cause the accumulation of food residues must be treated.

3) After oral and dental health is ensured, it is necessary to brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day and to protect oral hygiene with dental floss at least once a day.

4) In addition to this, cleaning of the tongue and cheeks with specially produced brushes will make an important contribution to removing the bad breath.

5) Cleaning the mouth with mouthwash reduces the bad breath.

6) Increasing the flow of saliva with sugar-free gums helps prevent bad breath.

7) If the dentist eliminates the causes of bad breath related to dental and peripheral tissues, but the odor still persists, other dentists should be consulted to diagnose the bad breath caused by external factors.