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Care in Implant Prostheses

Implant prostheses are fixed or removable prostheses that are placed on the implant and supported by the implant. The care to be applied varies according to the type of prosthesis performed. Maintenance in prostheses is at least as important as the construction phase of the implant and prosthesis. After the whole process is over, we expect our patients to fulfill their duty of care and hygiene and contribute to the longevity of our prostheses and implants. First of all, oral hygiene is very important for the longevity of both implants and prostheses. Prostheses and existing teeth should be brushed efficiently 2 times a day. Brushing can be done with special brushes or regular toothbrushes for prostheses. Each tooth, each surface needs to be cleaned properly. Implant prostheses can be made by connecting several parts in a block way. Especially in order to maintain hygiene in such fixed prostheses, the floss, under-bridge prosthesis ropes (super floss) and interface brushes that you can find in pharmacies and the surfaces of the prostheses that we cannot reach should also be cleaned. Oral shower devices should also be used in such prostheses as an important oral care product. Patients who use removable prostheses need to remove their prostheses before going to bed and clean the prosthesis, implant circumference, implant cavities and mouth. . Weekly prosthesis care should be carried out using special cleaning tablets, as well as daily brushing and cleaning. An important point in prosthesis care is that cleaning materials such as detergent, bleach, etc. should not be used to clean the prosthesis, hot water. Such products reduce the life of the prosthesis by disrupting its structure. After having their implant prosthesis done, people should come to the dentist's check-ups once or twice a year, even if they have problems or not. In these controls, whether he can adequately clean his prosthesis, gum health is examined. When the physician considers it necessary, he can control the health of the implants radiologically. Despite all this care, stains and accumulations that are processed into the prosthesis for a long time can only be done with ultrasonic cleaning in consultation with the doctor. In a situation that the doctor considers necessary, it is noticed and intervened without delay.