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Prosthesis Care

Cleaning of removable prostheses is done with a number of cleaning agents. Prostheses are cleaned by using a tablet inserted into the water. If no prosthesis cleaning agent is available, the prosthesis can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a prosthesis brush. In addition, moving prostheses can be removed from the mouth and the prosthesis can be cleaned and replaced after the existing teeth in the mouth are cleaned. Prostheses must be removed at night! Your gums need rest and ventilation. The removed prostheses should be cleaned and kept in cold water. In addition, prosthesis cleaning tablets help to eliminate the germs from the prostheses. How should the prostheses be cleaned? After meals, wash your prosthesis in water and remove food residue. After certain meals, especially before going to bed, you should brush your prosthesis regularly. This prevents the formation of plaques and stains. Water and various toothpastes or prosthetic care products are used in the brushing process. Abrasive powders should not be used. Otherwise, the surface of the prosthesis is scratched and residues begin to collect and color of these surfaces change. Special prosthesis brushes or regular toothbrushes can also be used. You must take care to clean all surfaces of the prosthesis. From time to time, you can keep your prosthesis in special prosthetic liquids. You should wash your prosthesis exposed to chemical material and then use it. The most effective way to keep the prosthesis clean is to keep it in chemical liquids several times a week with daily brushing. Some changes in the shape and function of the oral and peripheral tissues may occur with regard to aging. Remember that your personal care and regular dentist controls are very important to prevent them from deteriorating your oral health.