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Aphtous ulcer and herpes (mouth wounds)

Aphtous ulcer is a highly painful area of ulcer in the mouth, cheeks, lips, soft palate, gums, and tongue, whose surroundings are separated by distinct limits. In one of five people, there is often a problem with aphtous ulcer and herpes. The cause of more frequent aphtous ulcer and herpes in women is not known exactly. Therefore, it is only possible to talk about factors that accelerate or slow down the occurrence of an aphtous ulcer. Factors affecting the occurrence of aphtous ulcer Stress: The prevalence of high-stress-related aphtous ulcer is increasing especially in women in the premenstrual period. Food:  Foods such as cookies, citrus fruits, pickles, vinegar, and potato chips with high spices and salt content can accelerate the formation of aphtous ulcer. Products such as soy, tomatoes, eggplant, apples, figs, seafood, hazelnuts, rye, and black wheat can also increase the rate of aphtous ulcer formation in allergic plants. Trauma: Hard tooth brushing, cheek, tongue, lip biting, hard foods, non-compliant prostheses in the mouth may cause unbalanced forces and irritation of the mucous and aphtous ulcer formation. Systemic diseases: In several autoimmune diseases. Aphtous ulcers are seen frequently in genital areas such as Behçet, as well as ulcers, conjunctivitis, retinitis, lococytosis, and recurrent aphtous ulcers alms in the mouth. SLS substance in toothpaste: This substance is added to foam toothpaste and is effective in the formation of aphtous ulcer. For people who develop aphtous ulcer caused by toothpaste, toothpastes with low SLS substance content were produced to prevent aphtous ulcer. Oral-b Sensitive toothpaste. Vitamin B12 and iron deficiency Treatment There is no specific treatment for aphtous ulcer and it heals itself within 7-10 days. To reduce the pain of aphtous ulcer and reduce healing time It is important to avoid acidic, hot foods and drinks that are irritating. Applying a thin cream with water and carbonate on an aphtous ulcer. Gargles with "chlorhexadine" content may shorten the healing time. At the beginning of the aphtous ulcer, steroid cream or solution reduces the growth and pain of the aphtous ulcer. Tablets with tetracycline content are made into powder and applied on the aphtous ulcer. Then, a steroid containing cream can be applied on the tetracycline powder. Local anesthetic solutions or creams with xylocain content may be used before meals to reduce pain. Mix half a spoon of salt with a tea glass of water and gargle in the mouth three times a day.


It is the name given to small bubbles that are usually formed on the mouth side and rarely inside the mouth. It is contagious and often painful, and pain begins before the herpes is formed and passes automatically within 7-10 days.

It is contagious and must be taken care of!

- Do not touch the herpes, hands should be disinfected when the herpes is touched. - Women should never touch their eyes after touching the herpes area while cleaning their make-up. - Other people, especially babies, people with low defense mechanisms should not be kissed. - Do not use forks, knives, or towels the same as the people with herpes.  

 The herpes can occur again!

Virus passively found in people with Herpes infection may be seen again; - When exposed to sunlight - During stressful periods - When excessively tired - In case of infectious diseases - When the body's defenses are dropped before pregnancy and menstruation.  


Today, anti-viral creams penetrate the skin and affect the herpes virus and prevent damage to the skin