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Smile Test

A smile test is performed to plan your ideal smile according to your face structure. When planning an ideal smile for you: - Jaw structure and teeth - Gender - Age - Your gums - Your lips - Geometric structure of your face, and - Ordering of your teeth are taken into consideration.

For women: - Tooth lines are soft and round - Triangular spaces between teeth provide feminine appearance - The middle two teeth are more prominent than the neighboring teeth - The laughing line is curved up

Men: - Tooth lines are sharper and flatter - The smile line is straight - Teeth are aligned - Teeth appear muscular

How many types of smile are available?

Generally, the expression of smile is gathered under three main headings. These basic categories also have different variations within themselvecategory, the front teeth are long compared to the side teeth. In fact, this is the case in young people, because front incisor teeth are the first ones to wear, they wear out over time and their height is reduced. This brings an older look. The front teeth should be longer than the others to have a sexy smile. This design of the front teeth will give you a young, dynamic and sexy smile. This category is suitable for young people.

2- Intellectual Smile Teeth are lined up on a horizontal straight line. An intellectual smile gives a mature and knowledgeable face. This smile emphasizes the lower part of the face. Teeth are different when they first come out at a young age. In middle age, teeth are equally tall. Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, we can make this disadvantaged condition an advantage and create a mature, knowledgeable and intellectual smile.

3- Sporty Smile It is between intellectual and sexy smile. The middle incisor teeth are very small in length from the side incisor teeth. The sporty smile design brings an unusual, sincere and warm expression to your face, not as serious as an intellectual smile, but as childish and young as a sexy smile design.

1- Horizontal line The line passing through the teeth and the line passing between the pupils must be parallel to each other.

2- Symmetry When a line is drawn from the centerline, there should be symmetry between the two sides. This will give a perfect laugh.

3-  Smile line The line over the upper teeth should be compatible with the lower lip. This creates a young and dynamic image. For women, this line is more twisting.

4- Embrasure They are triangular spaces between teeth and should be prepared for dental and facial contours.

5- Gold ratios The proportions between teeth, called gold ratio, should be ensured.